More Straight Guys Sexually Experimented With Men Than Ever Before


straight guys

… even more than women!

Get ready to renew that gym membership (or at least move to Britain). A new report by The Independent reports that over 49% of British men between the ages of 18 – 24 identify as something other than “heterosexual” when asked to place themselves on Kinsey’s sexuality scale.

You think society encourages women to experiment with each other? Well guess what…

More men reported to have had a gay experience than women.

20% (that’s one in five) guys compared to 14% females said they partook in a sexual experience with someone of the same sex.

A survey by YouGove interviewed 1,632 people between 18 and 60+ years old. Young people reported being the most sexually fluid (that’s a given). Less than half of the 18 to 24-year olds said they considered themselves totally straight—compared to 43% who said they are bisexual. 89% of people over 60-years old identify as being on the far side of the spectrum (either completely straight or completely gay).

It seems that young people nowadays are starting to see the world less black and white—is this a good thing?

I admit, from a single man’s standpoint, it does peek my interest. There’s an increasingly open minded approach to sexuality that men of this generation experience more than their fathers before them.

But what about America?

Are American guys as keen as our foreign ancestors are at being open with sexuality? The machismo mindset is alive and well (I don’t think that will ever go away). They might have sex with other guys or get blow jobs from them, but the last thing they’ll admit is that they’re “curious” or, gasp, “bisexual.”

Whatever our fate may be, it looks pretty damn bright to me. So the next time you think a straight guy is scanning you down and up at your local Target, don’t be so quick to dismiss it.



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