Test Driving Guys


test driving cars - gay guys

Not having a car in Los Angeles, or anywhere really, can be considered a handicap and the same can be said for the lack of a man. On the road you are only as cool, trendy, and hot as your vehicle; in the relationship world the same seems to apply to the guy you are with.

Deciding on a car is much like deciding on a man. The types of wheels and men that you can get behind are infinite and it is a daunting process. Do you want it sporty? Something loud and edgy may be your style. Are you possibly on the hunt for something reliable and family friendly or more attracted to the flashy and dangerous? I myself seem to have a flare for the older models. My driving record has quite a lot of wrecks on it, which is yet another thing that it shares with my love life. If only we could have insurance for that sort of thing. Getting back into the flow of traffic after an accident is tough. When my heart was so badly banged up from the last ride how do I know when I am ready to get behind the wheel again?

While pondering this car-man comparison and the absence of decision we all have I came to the amusing conclusion that in a way, we are all test-driving each other. Taking men out for a spin around the block, seeing if we like the way they handle the curves and how they utilize what is under their hood. Driving our way from man to man in an exhausting hunt to find the right fit.

Sure, this one drives great but will your friends like it? This one has low mileage but it can’t really go the distance.  Some guys happen to give so many people rides that after a while they are practically public transit. Jumping into cars and beds with strangers hoping this one gets us to where we need to go. It is a frightening and unstable game that we all seem to be playing with our hearts.

Or maybe I have it backwards. Maybe I’m not really choosing my man, but I am the one being tested out. Romantically we all are stranded on the side of the road with our thumbs out and hoping that someone finds us suitable for the passenger seat. And how can you be sure that you aren’t sharing your relationship with another guy? He could have another passenger the whole time and without knowing it you can be in the carpool lane. I hope to someday have my dream ride but until then it looks like I am just an emotional Goldilocks with a drivers license.  No matter what, it all points to the fact that when it comes to our love lives we are all just hitchhikers looking for our ride home.

What are some traits you look for in your ideal man and car? Tell me in the comment section below.

Speeding by, but still yours,

Dalton Heinrich


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