ISIS Throws Gay Couple Off of Roof


isis killed gay couple

In the last month, Islamic State (ISIS) militants have thrown two gay couples to their deaths from a building simply for being gay and loving each other.

Earlier this month, the group threw a couple off the roof of a building in Mosul, Iraq. The latest happened just this week in the eastern Deir ez-Zor province.

Their names were Shadi from the city of al-Ashara and his partner was named Ibrahim from the village of Maizilah. “The brutal execution took place in front of a crowd of people in central Deir ez-Zor watching the victims being thrown off the building.” says an activist to ARA News.

The ISIS-linked Sharia Court has issued a decision to execute every gay man by throwing them off rooftops. To date, the group has killed dozens of men in its areas of control in Syria and Iraq in the last few months.

“Daesh accuses people of being gay only on the basis of some superficial information without any investigation,” civil rights activist Raed Ahmed said to ARA News, “Although the Islamic law bans homosexuality, but the brutal punishment by Daesh has never been witnessed throughout history.”

According to ISIS, LGBTI people are the “worst of all creatures” and their murderous rampage goes beyond adults. In September they accused a little boy for being gay and executed him as gruesomely as the rest.

While we drink our Starbucks, go to the gym, hold hands with our boyfriends and worry about petty things, the fear of death is a sad reality in this part of the world. They deserve our compassion and, above all, they need to be heard.

Shadi and Ibrahim’s death cannot be in vain. Share this story and let the world know this needs to stop.


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