Why Halloween is the Best Time to Find a Boyfriend


Gay Guys Halloween Find A Boyfriend

Trick or Treat!

While gay guys everywhere prepare to have the best costume of the bunch this year, my attention is going elsewhere. Not only is Halloween a wonderful opportunity to show off you’re personality (and body), but it also has loads of potential to find available single men. Go with me here.

Most people who choose to dress up for Halloween often bring out an aspect of their personality too. You can tell a lot about a man by what he chooses to go as. Some look at it as a way of showing off their bodies, but I say use it as a way to find a boyfriend. Here’s how.

Whether you’re going to a friend’s party or deciding to go out and walk the streets of West Hollywood, the fact that you’re wearing a costume automatically enhances you’re confidence because the layers provide mental and emotional armor.

Costumes affect the mind.

A study published on the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology’s website showed that subjects who donned white doctor coats performed better on tests than those wearing street clothes. A phenomenon called en-clothed cognition suggests that whenever you have a strong cultural association with a garment, wearing it affects your cognitive processes, which ultimately fuels your confidence, which eventually makes you intuitive for connection.

I have a friend who’s a drag queen and she says that every time she dresses to the nines, her spirit animal is unleashed. The dress, the makeup and the hair all become layers of enlightened confidence. The person she was before takes a backseat to the parade.

Halloween is an opportunity for all of us to unleash our inner spirit animal.

When you’re wearing a costume, you are unconsciously letting go of filters and allowing yourself to be seen—inspected, but seen nonetheless: vulnerable and true.

I found out years ago that Halloween never fails. There are parties, half-naked men and tons of alcohol dripping from the streets of gayborhoods everywhere (even more than usual). You’re always going to have fun no matter what, but one thing is always for sure: you’re going to meet awesome people.

I’ve met some very close friends on Halloween nights in WeHo or else where. Don’t be shy to compliment a costume you love—what are they going to do, throw a drink in your face? We want feedback. That’s why we wear them!

You might think it’s a bit too much offering Halloween as a night to find potential boyfriends. After all, most guys look at it as a way to wear less clothing and cruise the nearest bar. But you have to admit that above all nights of the year, this one in particular has the most potential.

Whatever happens remember that this is a night to let your true colors shine. It’s why I love it so much. Whether you’re going scary, funny or choosing to make a statement with your costume, let it bring out something fabulous in you. Tap into the magical confidence All Hallows Eve can bring. Make it happen!

Thank me later.


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