The Gay Man’s Guide To A Perfect Rim Job


tricks for the ultmiate rim job

The straight world lately has taken to a booty-eating craze, but gay guys have known about it since the beginning, honey. A good rim job doesn’t require a tongue alone. You need to have feeling, passion and, above all, a hell of an open mind.

It’s not like a vagina. We do not have a clitoris, obviously, but what we do have are tons of nerve endings that make us feel very happy when triggered – some dudes have less than others, which is why it’s important to explore his body a little before going to town. You want to give a perfect rim job, follow my rules:

Teasing is always pleasing.

Like other forms of foreplay, rimming requires a bit of teasing first. Work your way around the body before making him loose enough to be open. Rub his balls, massage his thighs, get his groin wet and slippery – the rest he is sure to do himself. Most teasing is a mental kind of warm up, giving him (the receiver) a wider range to give himself to you. The ultimate result is satisfaction.