Easy Tips For Gay Guys to Get a Right Swipe on Tinder:


gay guys right swipe tinder

In my experience, Tinder is way ahead of Grindr. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve come across some pretty nasty guys on both, but because Tinder is connected to social media accounts and shares mutual friends as well as interests, it’s way less anonymous – which makes it easier to find genuine guys.

What makes us swipe left or right? Everyone assumes it comes down to the right kind of picture. While yes, it helps, what happens after we swipe right? What makes us interested enough to want to get to know him? If you ask me, there are a few simple things that will help:

Show Us Your Objective. Don’t Tell Us.

Are you here to find love, get laid, or have more friends to call and grab a happy hour with? We can usually tell by the way you present yourself – are there more shirtless photos than there are of your face? Are you sending one-word responses like “Hey” or “Sup?” When we’re dealing with a guy who expresses who he is and what he’s looking for, it makes us want to do the same. Show us you’re looking for a long term relationship or dates without seeming too desperate. Something like, “I’m hoping to find someone to wake up and have coffee in the mornings” shows us what you’re looking for without being straightforward about it. If you portray yourself as a horny idiot, we’re going to wonder why you aren’t on Grindr.