9 Fun Halloween Dates For You & Your Man


gay guys halloween date ideas

It’s no secret that this is my favorite time of year. In fact I always circle the exact day Starbucks starts selling fall-flavored drinks. But it’s more than about pumpkin flavored lattes; it’s about conjuring the magic All Hallows Eve brings—with your man!

Personally I’ve gone on countless of dates with men over the years around this time, and it’s always great. A regular dinner and movie doesn’t have to be vanilla. You have options (and a smart phone) to do heavy research! Take advantage of it. Here are a few ideas:

#1) Surprise Pumpkin Carving With Wine.

What makes it a surprise is that you can’t tell each other what you’re carving until it’s revealed. It’s always better when the image your carving means something to him: either an inside joke or an actual adoration for something. I once knew a guy who carved “Will You Marry Me?” during a surprise pumpkin carving. Sweet, eh?! Play the music, pour the wine and start the giggles. It’s always a pleaser.