10 Scientist Approved Dating Tips For Gay Men!


dating tips for gay men - gay guys

Dating can be complicated, but only because we overthink everything. For decades, we’ve been training ourselves on how to be attractive physically, yet fail to teach ourselves how to be attractive psychologically.

I’ve done some research into the matter (you’re welcome) and have uncovered some interesting studies – both scientific and psychological – that may help you in your dating ventures. It certainly helped me! Take a peek and test them out. You might surprise yourself.

#1) Ask outside the box questions.

It’s a bit difficult when on a date not to go into rehearsed dialogue – “What’s your job?” “How many brothers and sisters do you have?” “Where are you from originally?” These are typical questions we’ve become used to asking, but trust me when I say DON’T; at least not just yet. One study has shown that rehearsed lines had a negative effect on a date – so this theory is backed up by science, ya’ll!

It’s important to pull him out of his comfort zone, and the best way to do that is by making him think. Make a deal with yourself to only ask about things you’re genuinely and authentically interested in – make it about him. While you might wonder if he’s an only child or not, you’ll always find that out in due time. During the whole get to know him process, ask him things like, “Have you ever wanted a sibling?” Find common interests and grow from there: “I’ve never been to Italy either! Which city would you rather visit: Venice or Rome?” “You like to cook? I’m actually awful. What was the best dish you’ve ever made?”