10 Exercises That Will Make You a Better Top


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Not everyone can be like my man in the bedroom (he’s the KING), but you can certainly try. One night I asked him how the hell he does it so well, he told me it was all about strength and mobility – something he picked up at the gay youth ministry (GYM).

There are exercises many gay guys don’t know about that strengthen every muscle needed to be a power top. While many of us think bench pressing, lifting, and running on the treadmill is all we need, it’s actually kid stuff. You have to combine strength building with stamina, energy, and nerve pumping routines. Here are a few from my man’s plan:

#1) Squats, Squats, Squats

A lot of people think squats are helpful for bottoms because it lifts and tightens your ass. While this is true in a visual sense, what happens to your body is truly miraculous. Squats are known to increase testosterone levels while increasing blood flow to the pelvic region (which will give better orgasms). They also strengthen your lower body, which gives you a more powerful thrust whether you’re on top or bottom. When you decide to lift your man and do him horizontally, it’s the squats that help you from getting trembling knees. It doesn’t matter what kind you do – I like to do a combination of dumbbell squats and heavy barbell squats.