I’m a Chubby Chaser & am Not Afraid to Say It


chubby chaser

I remember being in the sixth grade and obsessed with my History teacher, Mr. Donahue. He was also the football coach (and looked it)—tall, stout, and extremely masculine. I was infatuated from the start with guys of the same build, and as time passed by, the fantasies kept getting larger and larger—literally.

I don’t know what it is about large guys nor do I know (or care) to learn about what chubby chasing actually is. All I know is that the kind of guys I lust after aren’t twinks or cubs, but rather larger than life guys who don’t give a damn about any of the body perfection hoopla.

There’s a visible line between a guy who likes bodybuilders and one who likes big dudes. For whatever reason I’ve never been able to point my finger as to why I like what I like, and in the gay community especially having any kind of “type” that isn’t standard seems unusual.

The second I moved to Los Angeles I was bombarded with images of hot guys. Each bar was crowded with models trying to get my attention, but no one made the cut.

I wasn’t in Texas anymore—this I knew. Big people account for a lot of the population down south without even trying, and none of us care.

The media has made being big something to be ashamed of when in reality it’s NOT. Where I come from, being larger than average comes with an attitude. It’s a strut most people recognize yet hardly register as attractive when attached to a dude that doesn’t sport a six-pack.

I’m no skinny-minny myself, so watching supermodels walk passed me on a nightly basis is a bit uncomfortable. To be honest, I never knew what the big deal was.

The thing about liking heavy guys is that it’s also a double-edged sword: while there might be plenty of them looking to date me, a lot of them also have assumptions in their head that I won’t like them.

Gay culture has sculpted its standard so high that we assume everyone is a part of it before we make the leap.

Like all guys out there, I have a type, and I’m not the only one lusting after big men. Judging by many conversations I’ve had with gay guys my age, the “perfect body” isn’t a prerequisite for a boyfriend. Dating a gym buff usually becomes intimidating after a while.

An average Joe is always going to have something a little extra. What they lack in muscle they’re sure to make up for in heart and soul. No one wants to date their eye candy—what are you going to have left at the end of the night?

It’s time for everyone to start being honest about what they like and don’t like—not in regard to race (we’ve heard plenty of that)—but regarding everything else. I know we’ll all be surprised at how many guys actually are into heavier blokes. After all, too much of a good thing is marvelous.



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