13 Ways To Know If You’re Truly In Love


13 ways to know you're truly in love

Many gay guys like to chase the fantasy of love. For most of us, we jump the gun and exaggerate our feelings in an effort to match our imagination. People who’ve experience it know there’s no faking when it comes to genuine L-O-V-E.

Love crosses all orientations, races, and genders, but for gay guys in particular it’s a matter of separating our hearts from our crotches. You know when it’s in the air and 99.9% of the time it’s told through your intuition – not your intellect. There are so many flags that point towards love, but I’ve managed to find thirteen of the BEST. So let’s look at the signs:

#1) You Literally Can’t Imagine A Future Without Him

One of the biggest differences between like and love is doubt. Doubting your future together is a sure fire way of knowing that you may not be in love with him. When you’re starting a new chapter, you won’t be able to picture without him. Suddenly, a new job, a new place, growing old has a collaborative affair, not so much a question mark.