10 Worries That Disappear When You Find The One


Worries That Go Away When You Found The One

We have so many worries today, and I guarantee you most of them have to do with our self-worth. It’s easy to make everything personal, especially when we’re always comparing ourselves to others. But when that special man comes, he changes everything. It’s as if he stops the universe from expanding, and pulls us close to him to make us forget we’re human. Before we know it, we stop worrying about everything, including these:

#1) You’re running out of time.

Everything happens when we’re ready, even love. Sometimes we reflect on all the circumstances we might have rejected love or were too scared to embrace it, and use that as a weight to keep us down. We always think we’re running out of time, but once we find the one, we realize it was because we were ready for it. Had we met him five years prior we wouldn’t have seen it. All the heartache, upsets, ups and downs bought us clarity, which acts as currency for spotting chemistry.