How To Keep ‘WINNING’ At Grindr


How To WIN On grindr

I think every gay guy under the age of 30 has some kind of Grindr story. I don’t know a single one who doesn’t have pictures of them floating around in the stratosphere – Davey Wavey, I’m talking to you!

Gay guys of the world, stop stressing out over Grindr. We all know what it’s there for so there’s no use in trying to have a highbrow. What we can control, however, is the way we use it. Too many creeps think they’re doing it right, honey. They log on, peruse the network and cry themselves to sleep because they think the world hates them. But trust me, if you want to get luck on Grindr, it’s all in the delivery. Let’s talk about it:

#1) Don’t EVER put “N/A” on everything without having a profile pic.

Who the hell am I talking to, a ghost? Trust me, if you want to communicate with someone on Grindr, you need to give him some bait. I don’t know anyone desperate enough to talk to not only an invisible face, but invisible stats as well. You’re not even giving me enough information to create an imaginary face and body. BYE!