How to Have Sex Like a Gay Porn Star (But in a Real Way)


sex like a pornstar

Sex is all about the tease, honey, and gay porn stars know how to do just that. It doesn’t matter which way, great sex is always a result of incredible tension unleashed. If you want the power of a porn star, you need to find that hidden gem we call fantasy.

I love unleashing my inner porn star with my man–he does too. It’s not as hard as you think. All you need to do is trust in the appeal you as a man already possess. We all offer something special, it’s just a matter of finding what it is:

#1) Challenge him with surprises.

He might think you’re going to be a certain way in bed based on your personality on the streets, so the first thing you ought to do is surprise him right off the bat. Show him something different than the person he’s used to seeing day in and day out—intimidate him, challenge him. He might think he’s the greatest top or the greatest bottom, but if you push your comfort zone by using what your best at to spark his attention you will become the best he’s ever had.