Gay Man Murdered in Dallas


gay man murdered in dallas
The body of 55-year old Tony Sanchez was found in his apartment at the Budget Suites in Dallas, TX.

Attorney and friend Roger Herrera confirmed that Sanchez was gay and had been an AIDS activist and LGBT community activist. Herrera was also a one-time Dallas mayoral candidate. He first met the victim in 1993 and the two became instant friends.

“In fact when I ran for mayor in 2007, he put all my campaign signs together for me,” Herrera said to the Dallas Voice. The former mayoral candidate also claimed to have sent Sanchez a text the day of his murder to see about getting together for dinner, but never got a response. He later got a call from a mutual friend who gave him the news that he’d been murdered.

According to police reports, officers responded to the Budge Suites when a friend of Sanchez’s found him dead in the apartment after being unable to reach him by phone. Homicide detectives responded immediately and determined that Sanchez “died as a result of homicidal violence.”

Sanchez had been involved with Oak Lawn Community Services, an AIDS services organization, working in customer service call centers. His part-time position had turned into a permanent recently. According to friends, he cared deeply about his job and longed to make a difference in the world.

As of now, police have no information on a potential suspect, but the investigation is ongoing.