8 Reasons Why Older Men Make the Best Boyfriends


why older guys make the best boyfriends

Men of a certain age know more than guys in their twenties—that’s a fact. They’ve been there, done it, got the t-shirt, and rarely want to repeat the same mistakes. For young guys still trying to figure it out, dating a man with more wisdom and experience is like finding a unicorn. We all want to find a unicorn.

The most fruitful relationships or flings I’ve had in my life were with men that had a good ten years plus on me. They benefited my life in ways I can’t explain, and vice versa. Age gaps in relationships are super common in the gay community, as they should be. For those men—younger or older—who try to stay within their own range, I say it’s time to open yourselves up a little more.

#1) He’s better at sex.

I know this for a fact because young guys nowadays care more about getting off than they do having an emotional connection. We’ve trained ourselves to be that way—sex is instant gratification. Don’t get me wrong, there are definitely some youngens who love connecting but for men of a certain age, sex means a little more than a swipe & type. Plus he has a good couple of decades on you—he knows what’s up.