10 Reasons Why Gay Guys Can Have Sex & Still Be Friends


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Gay guys have their own relationship with sex, especially when we’re young and single. Nowadays it’s like online shopping: you swipe, you type, and we’re here – straight from the iPhone to your front door.

People have asked me how gay guys can keep the friendship intact after sleeping with their buddy. I used to think it was a stereotype, but then I thought about my own experiences. I have plenty of close friends where, after reminiscing, all the memories came back: “Oh yeah. We did hookup at that one party a few years ago, didn’t we… ”

I’ve thought long and hard about why gay guys find it easier to remain friends after hooking up, and I’ve come up with ten solid points:

#1) There aren’t romantic feelings to begin with.

When you enter with no romantic feelings, you’re probably going to end with the same outcome. Even if there’s a smidgen of a spark beforehand, it’ll most likely blossom into something bigger after hooking up – sex can do that. The friends I’ve hooked up with were mostly spontaneous and often fueled by physical attractiveness rather than personal interest.