Gay Man Walks the Streets Naked After Hookup Stole His Clothes


gay news hookpu stole man's clothes

While everyone here in America slept, a young chap across the pond in Manchester was found walking the streets naked through the Gay Village after his clothes were stolen by the man he was hooking up with near the river, according to Manchester Evening News.

The man apparently met the guy in a bar nearby and left together towards the city center where they approached the river. The naked victim then willingly removed his suit, underwear, wallet, phone and keys, and left them by the edge. But immediately after, the thief grabbed his belongs and bolted down the street.

Not too long after, an onlooker called the police after seeing a naked man wandering the streets. When officers arrived, he had to unleash the rather embarrassing story to them.

GMP city center inspector Phil Spurgeon said after the incident, “This isn’t about blaming the victim, it’s a reminder to be aware of your surroundings and thinking about putting yourself in an obviously vulnerable position.”

The offender was described as white, between 20 – 25 years old, and wearing a black tracksuit top and bottom.