10 Simple Ways a Gay Guy Can Boost His Sex Appeal


gay men boost sex appeal

Everyone is always looking for ways to appear more attractive, but it’s more than just the physical. There are personal qualities you ought to learn to posses sooner than later if you truly want to stand out. The sexiest man in the room isn’t the dude who looks like a supermodel. It’s the one who feels like a supermodel, inside and out. Here are a few pointers:

#1) Trim & groom excess body hair.

It’s time you invest in a hair trimmer, particularly one with multiple clips of length so you can shape it to perfection. I happen to be a fan of body hair, but only in small doses. Everyone has their tastes, but if there’s one thing I’m sure we all can agree with, it’s that trimming and shaping is mandatory. Rather than having all of your chest look like an ugly sweater, shape it in such a way where the hair around the pecs are slightly longer than the baby hairs on your belly – when it grows back in, it will look much better. You don’t need to say bye-bye to the hair if you don’t want to, but pay attention to the grooming of it. It makes all the difference. Also, the back must always be waxed, shaven, or Veeted away – no exceptions.

#2) Don’t “take it there” if you feel the need to be vulgar.

You might think you’re hilarious and so might everyone else, but for a stranger to tell a slightly offensive sex joke or have a weird observation about how his glass is shaped like a butt plug, trust me, it’s not going to be nearly as charming. Don’t talk about Grindr, don’t mention sexual positions, and especially don’t discuss penis size. Even if you think it’s funny, keep it as classy as possible for as long as possible. The last thing you want is to be that guy who took it too far.

#3) Sometimes Mr. Hyde can be better than Mr. Jekyll.

I’m not saying you have to be an asshole. Believe it or not, while being nice is a quality everyone wants in a long-term boyfriend, a slightly more broody or rough exterior (but only slight) is extremely attractive to guys when it comes to short-term attraction. Meeting someone who is overwhelmingly nice makes us want to be their friend, but meeting someone who is just as nice with little doses of boldness automatically makes us drawn to them. It’s a psychological game than can be used to your advantage.

#4) Know what it is you’re talking about.

One of the biggest mistakes guys do is to have an opinion just to have an opinion. Most of the time we don’t really know exactly what it is we’re talking about. We only want to hear ourselves speak because we assume it makes us look smarter. Trust me, if you don’t know what you’re talking about, you’re always going to look stupid when someone who does now what they’re talking about proves you a fool. The best strategy is to not only think before you speak, but to always speak honestly.

#5) Breath and body must always smell nice.

I never leave the house without Listerene pocket pack strips. For you, it might be gun or other kinds of mints, but trust me you’ll always need them in any occasion. No one wants their breath to smell like their lunch, especially a man you’re trying to flirt with. As far as the body, deodorant is always a must. But you can take it a step further with scented body lotions, that way the pheromones that come out of your body will mix well with the already alluring scent. Whatever you do, take it extremely easy on the cologne. If I were you, I wouldn’t even bother. Trusting that your clothes smell fresh from the laundry, all you need is a good lotion, deodorant, and masculine baby wipes (just in case) to make a sense-ible impression.

*Tip: Throw a couple lavender-scented fabric softener sheets in the washing machine as well as the dryer during laundry time. You’ll see a big difference in the way your clothes come out smelling.

#6) Don’t bother hiding your flaws. You’ll be way less intimidating.

No one feels comfortable flirting with a man who seemingly is perfect. It’s quite uncomfortable because you’re given nothing to work around. In a Match.com survey, 48% of gay men admitted to falling in love with someone they didn’t initially find attractive. 65% of gay men also claimed to believe in love at first sight, it’s easy to think what we see is what we get. But what every human being on this planet wants is connection. Studies have also shown that when a person isn’t trying to impress, they allow themselves to become vulnerable which can be a different story vice versa. Real connection isn’t skin deep. It’s from the soul. For further reading, check out: Which Features Do Gay Guys Find More Attractive?

#7) Buy shoes that give you height.

Whether they’re gym shoes, a casual shoe, or a formal shoe, start looking for shoes that give you more height in the heel. If you’re short, this will really help because you will stand much higher than normal without you needing to try. Trust me, it’s something you can prep for that doesn’t require any mental effort. You slip the shoe on and never have to worry about it for the rest of the night, yet the details of an extra inch can matter greatly.

#8) Fix your posture.

The trick here is confidence and dominance. An aligned spine, forward focus, straight head and direct eye contact are all easy to do, and in many ways they convince your brain that you’re more confident than you actually are, which is infectious to the world. You can tell a lot about a man by the way he carries himself. Never bow your head or look to the ground. Hold it high and proud. Let the world know you’re attentive to it, and they will in turn be attentive for you.

#9) Shape your face.

A 2009 Harvard study showed that gay men found highly masculine male faces (i.e. broad jaw, broad forehead and more pronounce brow ridge) to be more attractive than feminine ones. Guys with small chins can manipulate their facial hair to shape it as if it were more prominent, especially around the jawline. A beard that covers the chin area will add volume and make it seem manlier. Think of the border as a magic marker you can draw to create whatever shape you want. The most important thing is symmetry. It’s important to have balance on both sides of the face.

#10) Don’t sweat the small stuff. 

The only philosophy in life you should have is, “Eh… what are ya gonna do?” Sometimes you can’t control people’s opinions nor are you able to control tiny things that don’t work the way you want them to. That’s no reason to call people out, to start an argument, or to ruin the whole night bitching about it. The sexiest thing a man can do is to always find a way around it. You’re still going to have fun if the original plans don’t work out because you won’t sweat it. There are always other options to everything in life, so there’s literally nothing to worry about. Ever.