10 Signs You’ve Settled in an Unhappy Relationship


signs you are in an unhappy marriage

Too many people are setting for sh*tty relationships. In the gay community, it’s become far too common. We want to be loved and when we finally find someone (out of the countless of losers) that might fit the bill, we settle. But sooner or later, we discover that “settling” has taken away from the things we know we deserve. Here are a few red flags:

#1) You’re still waiting for him to change.

His habits are different from yours, but it’s what drew you to him in the first place. After months (even years) of half-expecting him to change or mature, unfortunately he hasn’t yet. This is who he is and it took you all this time to realize it. But, thanks to denial, you’re still hanging onto the moment when he just might come around… tick, tock.