How to Seduce a Straight Guy


how to seduce a straight guy

Seduction is a powerful thing. We all do it. Whether you’re at the gym checking out the dude in his jocks or in the supermarket inspecting his backside, the art of seduction is constantly being played. But if you’re trying to seduce a man who likes boobs, you need to change your strategy ever so slightly.

Say what you will about the spectrum of sexuality, in my experience I’ve learned that no one (and I mean, no one) is 100% anything. I’m as gay as they come, but that hasn’t stopped me from fooling around with a few girls after some cocktails and puffs of Mother Nature. But for a gay guy to seduce a super masculine straight guy, it has to be subtle. I’ll share you some of my tactics if you care to hear them…

WARNING: Do NOT go flirting with every straight guy you see. While my points are meant to be fun and educational, they’re not a free invite to go messing with the heads of innocent straighties everywhere. Don’t be a creep.

Tactic #1 – Horseplay is straight man’s form of flirting.

This lesson happened in high school. I ran cross-country and shared a locker with one of the hottest guys in town: jockish, blonde, legs and thighs for days. He loved to be goofy, as did I. We got a long fine. I knew he was straight – even then I was extremely empathic, which helped my gaydar like you wouldn’t believe.

We slapped each other with towels, we shoved each other in lockers, and we spanked each other as a “joke” after we finished our meets. I realized that straight guys are constantly “flirting” with each other all the time right under their girlfriend’s nose. When a man is secretly interested or fantasizing about another dude, he has the freedom to touch and grope as much as wants – so long as it’s considered “horseplay.”

I used this to my advantage, honey. We roughhoused all semester long, then one day it happened. No one was around and we were in the showers. He came and slapped my ass and laughed. I did the same. One thing led to another and I ended up stroking his penis for a few seconds. Oddly enough, it wasn’t awkward because, to him, I was taking it up another level. We both knew we weren’t going to have sex or anything. It was all about curiosity – something we used to our advantage. The months of horseplay ended becoming a subtle way for me to build tension and plant a seed of fantasy without him really knowing it.