ISIS is Luring Gay Men Into Dates, Then Killing Them


isis attacks on gay men

The price of being gay in ISIS-controlled territory is death. As we’ve previously reported, the terrorist group ISIS have been capturing gay men and murdering them by throwing them off a rooftop, and, if that doesn’t kill them, stoning them to death while they lay defenseless and gagged on the ground.

But new information is being revealed as to how a lot of them are being captured – sources reveal that ISIS militants are luring gay men into fake dates.

“The Hisbah religious police have set up a special brigade of young fighters who are tricking gay men into dates so the Islamist regime can ‘prove’ they are homosexual,” Yaad Hustle TV reports.

Recent photos have surfaced of ISIS militants hugging their victims before throwing them off the roof. Activist Abu Mohammed Hussam was reported as saying that the hugging and embracing is meant to show that by murdering them, the jihadists are helping the victims to expiate guilt for their supposed crimes.

One man, named as “Karim,” was a victim of a dating sting and actually escaped Syria in 2013. As told by the Daily Beast, militants found his phone number in the phone of one of his gay friends who’d been captured. “Karim” was arrested and his date started discussing what ransom they might be able to get for him – thankfully, his family was able to pay it. He escaped to Lebanon after the incident.

While LGBT acceptance is progressive across western civilizations, we mustn’t forget what’s happening in the rest of the world. Men and women are being murdered for being who they are – it’s time to stop.