Being Bitchy vs. Being Direct: Here’s the Difference


Bitchiness vs direct

This world is full of bitches, but there’s a huge difference between someone who’s a bitch and someone who’s being direct. I’ve been guilty of confusing the two quite often, but after much reflection, I have come to realize they’re two completely different breeds.

Bitches love to be on top of the world, but a direct person would rather live in a world with order. Directness isn’t about being the center of attention; they’re problem-solvers, initiators, truth tellers. Bitches are on a whole other planet. Here’s why:

Bitches hurt feelings, but people who are direct aren’t personal.

Being direct is being assertive. It’s not personal nor does it have a hidden agenda or intention to gain power. You lay it all out on the table with nothing personal on the chopping block, rather than using words to entertain yourself. Bitches like watching a firestorm unfold – they love stirring the pot, feeling like the Queen Bee. Direct people have no interest in drama, but they are interested in getting sh*t done correctly. They come at you with facts and resolutions rather than claws and useless information.