8 Surprising Perks of Being a Power Top


power top

‘Cause baby if I’m the bottom, you’re the TOP!

Anyone who’s read my articles knows that I’m a self-labeled power bottom, but after looking into the mentality of a power top, I decided to do my own research. For the past two weeks I’ve been experimenting as a top – not just a regular top. An aggressive power top. My man has never been happier and I’ve never felt more confident.

I walk different, talk different, even think different. I never knew how incredible it was until recently. While I will always be a power bottom at heart, there are some serious perks to being a power top that no one truly knows about. Here are just a few:

#1) You never have to worry about bottom prepping.

Let’s face it. Bottom prepping can be annoying – the douching, the scrubbing! In all honesty, a power top doesn’t need to worry much about prepping, other than showering (which we both should do). The only thing most power tops should prep for is related to stamina. If they can’t power through the night, they might as well drop the label.

#2) You’re always ready to go.

Unlike a bottom, a top can be ready for a good f*ck anytime, anywhere. He can whip it out in the afternoon, at the office, or in the shower – it’s all good. Bottoms have to prep first, and some aren’t even going to be in the mood to bottom. There are many tops that deal with bottoms who ultimately excuse themselves out of sex: “It’s been a while… it hurts.” For a power top, there will be no excuses to back out of sex – unless he’s legitimately running late for something.

#3) You get most of the credit when the sex is GREAT.

The man who’s doing the penetration has a lot of pressure to work hard. A bottom lies back and enjoys – every once in a while we get our power on too, don’t get it twisted. But a power top truly deserves an award when the sex is out of this world great. A lot of them will like to take the credit even when the sex is awful – these are the tops everyone should stay away from.

#4) It’s therapeutic.

I used to hear that topping is a way to release all your tension – you’re pulling them up, pounding him, forcefully directing his body where you want it to go. It’s so f*cking true! It’sone of the hottest way to let off steam because you’re feeding your body adrenaline while taking control of another human being, channeling your day and stress upon the moments. By the end of it, you feel like you just f*cked your problems away.

#5) You get a better workout.

Topping can be harder than most aerobic exercises, even when it feels like you’re not doing much. It’s sex, so we aren’t thinking about how strenuous it is until the next morning, when our legs and back are sore. But that won’t stop us from getting up and going again the night after.

#6) It’s a confidence booster.

Power tops are go-getters. When they demand respect and surrender in the bedroom, they will likely feel much more confident to demand what they seek in life. Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of dominant men who are mild and meek in life, but the act of sex itself stimulates our fantasies throughout the day. If you’re wild in the bedroom, it can give you self-confidence to tackle things people will underestimate you for.

#7) You make even the manliest of men want to fall to their knees.

There’s something about grabbing a dude’s neck and shoving it down to your crotch and demanding to be pleasured. It makes even the manliest of guys surrender. When you command the situation with no room for second-guessing, trust me, you will have anyone become inferior.

#8) It’s up to you how fast, slow, or long to take it.

A top must always consider the boundaries of a bottom, but for the most part, a bottom will do whatever the top might have him to do – he’s the master of the night, or at least is supposed to be. A power top is the director: “Flip over.” “Come closer.” “Suck it.” “Put your arms above your head.” Commands likes these are so hot because it relinquishes control, and the top knows it.