7 Myths Straight Dudes Often Have With Gay Guys


myths straight men have about gay guys

This one is for all my straight guys. I love you. I really, really do, but we need to discuss some heavy myths you have with my people. It’s kind of weird how often these myths come up in conversations, movies, TV shows, and books – perhaps that’s why you think they’re real. But hear it from the horse’s mouth… most, if not all, are total bullsh*t. Let’s start with these:

#1) We jerk off to you at night.

There have been plenty of times I’ve jerked it a few with my fellow straight guys in mind, but I’ve also seen some straight men nearly wet themselves after seeing a really nice car on the street – does that mean they want to f*ck it? Probably not.

There is a psychological pull that happens with straight dudes. The fact that you can’t have him makes him more wanted, but that doesn’t mean it’s always existent. To think that all gay guys want to get in your pants says more about your ego than it does for gay people. You should probably stop listening to your idiot friends and start using your noggin from time to time.