30 Things I Think About When Giving my Man a BJ


think of when getting a bj

Mind over matter!

I love going downtown on my man, honey. It’s one of the only things I look forward to every single day. Not only am I great at it, but I take tremendous pride in my solid reputation – I’ve never had a complaint. But you know, every now and then my mind will wonder. It’s not my man’s fault, but sometimes things happen that bring me out of the moment.

I started taking notes of all the things that go through my head, and I was surprised at what I discovered. Something tells me they’re all things plenty of gay guys can relate to. Who knows, maybe they’ll help you have a bit more respect for your man the next time he’s giving you a neck-throwing salute on your private parts.


#1) “Ooooh… someone baby wiped tonight.” 


#2) “Another pubic hair between my teeth… gross.” 


#3) “Did that moan mean ‘stop’ or ‘yes, yes, more…’? I guess I’ll have to decide.” 


#4) “Should I swallow or should he finish on my chest…? Swallow. Yes. No clean up. Good Idea.” 


#5) “Damn, I’m good at this.”