5 Reasons Why BJ’s Can be Better Than Sex


blowjobs can be better than sex

You know I’m not one to judge people’s sex habits, honey. You do what you do and I do what I do. As many stories as I’ve written about anal sex, I think I may have been holding back my opinions on blowjobs. In my view, oral sex can be much, much more enjoyable than anal sex for many reasons.

Don’t get me wrong. I love pointing my feet to the ceiling just as much as the next bottom, but when it comes to blowjobs, there’s nothing that beats it. All the power is at your disposal with potential to create magic in your mouth. Sorry if I’m delivering major TMI, but go with me here. Here are my top reasons why blowjobs can be way better than anal sex:

#1) It’s more intimate.

You’re tasting a man, like, actually tasting him. If that isn’t intimate I don’t know what is. When I’m having intercourse, yes it’s nice and all, but the reality is that someone’s penis is inside a rubber bag, which is inside me. One of us is humping the other and creating friction, making it all about that while losing its real meaning.