10 Perks of Being A Versatile Gay Man


perks of being a versatile gay man

Life is better shared, honey!

I have to admit to you, since I came out of the closet I’ve classified myself as a “total” something. I’ve visited both sides of the pool and typically find myself more comfortable on either the shallow or deep ends. Lately, I’ve been dipping my toes in the middle and have uncovered numerous reasons why being versatile is way better than I thought. Here are a few:

#1) If I don’t feel like bottoming, sex can happen anyway. Let’s face it. Sometimes you really don’t feel like taking the time to get yourself together – it takes some effort to prep. If you were a total bottom, this might be a dead end as far as penetration, but for a versatile guy, it’s just a slight re-adjustment. Penetration is almost always on the menu, no matter which direction it’s coming from.