10 Signs You’re Dating an A**hole


signs your dating an a-hole

We’ve all date assholes in our lives. I know I’ve dated plenty. If I had a nickel for every idiot I dated, I could buy and sell a Starbucks franchise. But the thing is if we hadn’t dated these types of men, we might never know the real gems when we see them. So in a way I have them to thank. But first, you need to recognize the behavior when you see it. All it takes is for you to open up your eyes.

#1) He doesn’t know what fair and balanced means. 

In a healthy relationship, your partner should balance you out. When you cook, he cleans; when you drive, he navigates; and so on. There are men out there who expect you to do everything, or, they’ll do a tiny bit and expect you to finish while he gets the credit. No way in hell is this ever going to make you happy. Look at the signs early on because they tend to appear within the first couple months. Once you see them, kick his ass to the curb.