ISIS Executes Two Gay Men By Throwing Them Off a Rooftop

isis executes gay men

The terrorist group known as ISIS released images of an execution of two unnamed men “convicted” of homosexuality. In them, the group throws the accused from the roof of a building to a crowd below that seems to be cheering as they fall to their deaths. ISIS also stoned a woman to death who was accused of committing adultery, and bound two men charged with thievery to crucifixes.

The photos were released on their Twitter page. Yes, you read correctly. ISIS has a Twitter account. Their tactics are different than other terrorist groups in that they are manipulating social media to frighten and inspire the world. They’re english-speaking and know western culture like the back of their hand, says experts.

“The big difference now is that [ISIS] has its own English speakers,” said Peter Neumann, Director of the International Centre for the Study of Radicalization at King’s College in London, to TheDailyBeast, “And they have their own media now where they can put this right out on Twitter and everybody can immediately see it and spread it online.”

The place where these particular executions took place appears to be Mosul, the capital of the Islamic state and Iraq’s second largest city, reports ThDailyBeast. In areas of Iraq and Syria where ISIS has taken over, public executions are common and have been a staple of the group’s puritanical interpretation of Islamic law for a while.

While these types of executions are meant to enforce obedience, they’re always going to insight fear and create uprisings that might possibly make ISIS the victims of their own success. In 2015, it’s shocking that we still need to be aware of the devastating effects radicalism can have. More than ever, it’s important to educate yourself on the lives of other LGBT people across the globe.

It might seem like a whole other world to us, but it’s not. This is a reflection of the state of life these people go through on a daily basis. The only way to fight it is by making ourselves an example. We cannot fight violence with violence, but rather with ideas. Ideas are much more powerful than a weapon because they give us the freedom to trust, believe and, above all, love. Educate yourself. The time to act is now.