Can Smoking Pot Make Straight Guys Temporarily Gay?


Straight Guys Marijuana Makes Them Gay

There’s no question that drugs open up our minds to loosen our egos. They limit our mental filters in such a way that we’re able to discover incredible truths about who we are and where we want to go. Trust me, I have experience in this. So does it really come as a surprise that straight guys often “discover” their gay fantasies while being high?

Thanks to an anonymous user on Reddit (via NewNowNext), the question was raised and you might be surprised with some of the responses. “I feel very attracted to girls and not at all to men when sober,” he writes, “but when I get high I just want a big cock to suck and man who f**ks the shit out of me… I’m still attracted to girls while high, but I sometimes feel weirded by male friends with whom I don’t usually feel attracted to.”

Everyone’s high experience is going to be different, but because we’re men it’s almost always going to have some kind of effect on our sexual stimulation. The entire body is connected through nerves and tendons; and since our minds tend to bend to the will of our intuitive thoughts rather then socially crafted ones when high, it’s possible that we become less brainwashed while we’re under the influence.

When you’re on anything that inhibits normal brain activity, the normal release of dopamine, serotonin, as well as other receptors, are going to misbehave. That’s the fun part of being high or drunk, but it also can make us paranoid whenever we think something we don’t normally do. Our brains work in such a way that any thought, whether good, bad, authentic or unimportant, is collected and kept inside a sort of mental filing cabinet. The more we dig up these thoughts, the stronger they’ll be, which might make them more vulnerable when egos are out the door.

There have been countless of studies that prove and disprove the theory of marijuana decreasing testosterone in men. Cannabis most likely does, in fact, prohibit testosterone from being made, which can limit our anger, aggression and muscle mass, but can it in turn make us have thoughts and feelings normally associated with estrogen? Who the hell knows, but when push comes to shove, most straight guys experiencing these “gay feelings” often say it’s short-lived. Other times, not so much.

“A good friend of mine realized he was bisexual while on acid,” Brainstream420 writes. “Either that or he came out while tripping.”

“Drugs force issues like sexuality to come up for some people, especially people struggling with it already,” Pokepat460 said.

PapaTua calls it “Highsexualism” and responds by saying his circle of friends are a “pretty good mix of Straight and Gay when not high, fairly sex positive in general, and have well established consent constructs, so the parties involved are down AND on the same wavelength. When [sex] has occurred it’s never been a big deal.”

Another user says, “Weed made me realize that I like the thought of dicks, and also being penetrated. But the thought of being together with a man and being intimate on a romantic level is kinda hard to stomach…. I love smoking a spliff and then doing some anal masturbation to some shemale porn.”

I can’t tell you how many straight guys I’ve met who become a bit too comfortable with me after a few drinks or puffs. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t humor the possibility of what might happen if I answered his call, but at the end of the day, could it all be the result of mental looseness or an innocent explosion of sexual awareness? Whatever the case may be, I say, who the hell cares. What are your thoughts on the topic?