10 Reasons Why Dancers Are AMAZING In Bed!


dancers amazing in bed

I just have to say it. Dancers know how to make love. They live their life inside a bubble of expression. They create, they laugh, they share. What’s not to enjoy about that? But one thing they’re better at than all the rest of us (other than doing the splits) is SEX.

Dancers know how to have sex because they’re masters of the physical world. They do things with their bodies you can only fantasize about. Trust me when I say any man who is dating a dancer knows exactly what I’m talking about. But what is it about dancers that make them such good lovers? Let’s start with the basics:

#1) Science Says They’re Happier People.

You might think it’s BS, but it’s actually been studied. One study published in an issue of the Public Library of Science’s genetics journal took DNA from 85 elite dancers and found that they dictate two well-known social and behavioral chemicals in the body: serotonin and vasopressin, i.e. chemicals that make you both happy and social. Both were found in large quantities among these dancers. A man who is happy will almost always have a high sex drive – yet another reason why you should be looking for your next boyfriend in a Samba class.