10 Reasons Why You Push Men Away Without Giving Them a Chance


gay guys push away relationships

All we are saying… is give men a chance!

There are tons of people in the world who feel undeserving of love. When something great lands in their lap, they’re usually the first to give it back. We fear contentment because in many ways, it destroys our lifelong habit of “searching.” When we find something, there is no need to search any longer – not a lot of people know how to handle it. Trust me when I say that you deserve love, but you need to be the bigger person sometimes. Pushing anything good away before you give it a chance seldom has to do with them, and everything to do with YOU. Here are a few reasons why you might be jumping the gun:

#1) You dwell too much on his “bad habits.”

Most of these traits are completely insignificant and only effect the most OCD amongst us, but you’d be surprised how many guys blame a man’s laugh, eye twitch, or ability to leave an empty bag of chips on the counter as the sole purpose for their broken connection.

Here’s the thing. A long-term relationship doesn’t come without compromise. Sometimes you have to know if a man is worth it. For example, my last boyfriend never lifted the toilet seat when he went to the bathroom. I’d come in to find little droplets of pee on the seat and I’d get so frustrated with him that my face would turn red. There came a time when I realized if I just shut up and wiped it off myself, I’d save much more time and stress than screaming at him for the millionth time. After months of doing that, he saw what I was doing and began to become aware – he realized I loved in spite of such a small pet peeve. He also did the same for me in many instances. No relationship is perfectly compatible, but you have to choose your battles and know how not to sweat the small stuff. If a man is worth it, who gives a f**k about the little things?