Straight Men Who Chase After a Gay Guy’s Love

straight men gay guys buddy friends love

straight men gay guys buddy friends love

We had a saying when I was doing theater in high school. There’s always a “token straight guy” in every show – the one straight guy in the middle of horny gays and gals who eventually becomes the center of everyone’s attention. Girls flirt with him, gay guys lust after him, and he sits back with his arms behind his head enjoying every second of it. This kind of straight men still exists in the grownup world, but if you ask me it’s gone a bit overboard. Straight men seem to enjoy the attention so much they’ve gotten used to manipulating the hearts of innocent gay guys who actually think they have a chance.

We’ve all gone through it at one point in our lives. It’s no ones fault. After all, straight guys have the ability to attract gay men with little to no effort not because they’re “straight acting” or “more masculine” but because there’s a psychological game happening when we’re around people we know we can’t have. It’s animalistic, knowing we have to fight for our meat is sexy. But are straight guys taking advantage of it?

There are straight men nowadays who seem to have more gay friends than any other, and I bet if you ask one of his gay friends how they feel about him, I’m sure they’d say at one point in time they were smitten. It’s natural for a gay guy to start liking someone close to them, but something tells me that their straight friend isn’t helping the situation. I’ve seen it time and time again: a straight man giving googly eyes to his gay pal, unconsciously sending the wrong message, which eventually creates a sticky situation. The gay man thinks he likes him, if not, then he’ll come to like him. The more he sits in these thoughts the more likely his feelings will grow into something bigger. Love.

There are countless of gay guys falling in love with straight men every day. The straight man leads him on, cuddles with him intimately, and breaks his heart when, without warning, finds a girlfriend and falls in love with her. The situation worsens when he starts raving about his love and how much he thinks she’s the “one,” while the gay guy holds back his tears. He’s heartbroken, confused, and feels foolish that he let himself get this far. It’s a familiar story most of us have known.

It’s a plot fit for a soap opera, but for whatever reason we don’t seem to learn from our mistakes. It also doesn’t help when the straight man in question enjoys playing with our emotions. One gross example is the narcissistic guy who goes to gay bars just to get hit on. Though he seems to be in love with himself, the fact that he knows he will be eye candy to any gay guy in the room gives him power. We feed him power, but hey, we do it all the time and everyone seems to win.

As someone who has had his heartbroken by straight men, I’ve learned my lesson the hard way and know I’ll never repeat the mistake. There are plenty of straight men who like to pry on a gay guy’s love because he’s too hung up on himself. These men are usually too scared of women to flirt with them so, instead, he brings his game to us. It might seem authentic, but unless he’s willing to commit to his actions, I say unplug him from your mind. Before you know it, you’ll be in a whirlpool of emotions too strong to break free of. Your heart should never be given loosely.



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