20 Reasons It Sucks To Be A Gay Black Man


20 Reasons It Sucks To Be Black And Gay

If you’re a gay black man reading this, you know exactly where I’m coming from.   While we love our friends, sometimes they can say crazy sh!t that just makes your blood boil yet we don’t have the ability to voice our emotions.  Hopefully when my friends and other people read this list they will rethink some of the comments they make and realize how much it can suck to be a black gay man:

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Every day I’m consumed with the fear of rejection in a community where muscular white men are looked at in the highest regard.

At least 80% of the guys I meet are “not into black guys”. Seriously? You don’t even know me jackass.

The assumption that the only guys in to me are “thugs”. People really need to stop basing their views of  black men off of black gay porn clips they secretly watch on tube sites.



It means I’m a double minority and that sucks.

I get discriminated against by straight guys AND gay guys (and pretty much everyone else in between).

People generalize a gay black man into 2 categories; sexually aggressive and domineering tops or extremely flamboyant bottoms (neither of which describe me).

Constantly being heart broken because that hot guy I met at Mickey’s doesn’t date black guys…

When I’m introduced to new people, many times they act like they are being introduced to an alien – I’m black not from Mars!

The references to fried chicken, cool-aid and other stereotypical racist remarks I have to laugh off and pretend like they don’t bother me, when it really does.

I get asked if I’m on the “down low”, or if I have a lot of friends on the “down low”. Inappropriate. And once again, stop basing your views on black guys off of black gay porn clips you secretly watch on tube sits!

Straight people say that being gay “isn’t a black thing”. And to those people who say that, I say “THAT’S IGNORANT”.

People assume I have a 70’s bush in my underwear (seriously!!??!!)

The stigma that black men are dangerously promiscuous, don’t have safe sex and have a higher risk of contracting HIV. Bitch please, I’m safer than 70% of the guys in my circle of friends. #donttryme

My friends think its so hilarious I listen to Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus and Sia…which is ridiculous because its the same music they listen to. The only difference is I’m black…and again to them I say “THAT’S IGNORANT”.

I have to listen to friends tell other people that I’m not a typical gay black man, and my black friends saying I’m not a typical black guy.

While LGBT acceptance is making great progress, gay black men still have to hide our sexual orientation from our parents and family.

The amount of times people feel they need to reference Oprah or Tyler Perry whenever I’m around. SMH

Since the majority of my circle of friends are white I’m expected to NOT date black men.

Expectations of how big my penis should be [sigh]. Not all black men have an anaconda in between there legs (more power to you if you fit that stereotype).

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