10 Signs You’re Dating the Perfect Man for You


dating the perfect man for you

There are very few guys who meet the man of their dreams. When it happens it’s like a miracle from gay heaven. We’ve read about him in fairy tales so when we’re staring face to face, it’s unbelievable. It’s like a dream.

A gay relationship is no different than any other. The dynamics are exactly the same, the problems are identical (if not worse), and the chemical bond that ties us is fueled within the same areas. You’re lucky to find him when you do. Here are a few signs you have:

1He loves you not because of your flaws, but despite of them.

When someone stays with you because of your flaws, you’re never going to be inspired to change them. You’ll be stuck in a flaw-filled universe, which can only force you to create even more flaws. But when someone loves you despite your flaws, they become fuel for you to grow and progress into a more structured life. This is something we all benefit from.

2He’s unafraid to show affection in public.

Gay couples experience this on a daily basis. We’re not as comfortable to show affection in public, which creates an uncomfortable balance in the relationship. We become hypnotized into thinking we still should be ashamed, we still ought to hide our love, and we still are second-class citizens. But when a man is unafraid to express how he feels for you publicly, he’s flicking the middle finger to all of that crap – he thinks you’re worth it. That in itself speaks thousands of words about his devotion to you.

3He’ll experiment with your sexual fantasies.

In a perfect world, our boyfriends will be more than willing to please our sexual cravings. But that’s a science fiction idea; the truth of the matter is not everyone is going to be comfortable enough to experiment, even if they seem like the perfect boyfriend. It takes an awesome dude to laugh it off and say “F**k it. Let’s do it.” Whatever you’re into should be okay because, if it’s true love, the baseline of the entire experience will be fueled by gentleness and caring.

4He’s his own person and is unafraid to show it.

One of the greatest aphrodisiacs is being with someone who is totally different from you. Trust me, the conversations are more interesting but they only last as long as the interest itself. While it’s important for a man to march to the beat of his own drum, it’s still crucial for you to be on the same page, which is why having separate worlds is only going to benefit the connection. He’s independent and is unafraid to let you know – that makes him more valuable, which makes you want him even more (and vice versa). He lets your wings spread as far as they can go without having you fly away; and you do the same for him. It’s a beautiful thing.

5He’s smarter than you in the areas you’re not.

It’s all about balance. The things you lack, he more than makes up. If you live more inside your head, he tends to be more organized and worldly. This makes the bond grow deeper. Being in a relationship where you both are riding the same hemisphere of the brain will eventually drive you insane.

6He challenges your views and inspires you to think differently.

No one wants a Stepford Boyfriend. Part of being in a partnership is unity despite any opposing view. A relationship that inspires the other to think differently is always going to last a while because it keeps your brain juicing. You will always have something to talk about and, more importantly, lessons to learn. It’s also pretty sexy debating your man during breakfast in your underwear.

7He’ll tell you when you’re being stupid.

He has no qualms telling you that you’re overreacting. He is, after all, the foremost person to bring you back to earth when you’re feeling lost or abandoned. A man who’s unafraid to tell you you’re wrong is also just as unafraid to tell you you’re right. His focus is on the greater good of your wellbeing, which is why he’s concerned for it going down a wrong direction. Trust me, though your first instinct might be to resist, eventually you’ll find yourself on a much better path.

8He listens to you when you’re depressed.

He won’t ignore the tears or pretend like he didn’t notice something was wrong with you that morning. He wants you to be happy because when you’re happy, he’s happy. Two happy people together are one hell of a partnership – any smart man knows this. It’s a privilege for him to hear your sob stories because he knows how difficult it is for you to let your guard down in that way. He doesn’t take it lightly.

9He doesn’t get jealous over every little thing.

Sometimes a “glance” at a hot man’s ass is just that: a glance. There is no need to overreact to something that didn’t mean anything. Why? Because he knows you’re his and you know he’s yours. There are bigger fish to fry than that – if they come your way, it’ll be less stressful when it’s the only thing you’re arguing about. Every unnecessary fight creates a grudge. Over time, they turn the whole thing sour.

10He thinks you’re gorgeous.

Ain’t that amazing? Someone thinks you’re gorgeous – that can make anyone smile for days. But the thing is he doesn’t just think your gorgeous on the outside, he also thinks you’re just as beautiful on the inside. It’s clear by how delicate he approaches you, like a fragile painting. He can’t believe how lucky he is to have you, but the truth of the matter is you, in fact, are the lucky one.

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