8 Ways For Gay Men to Have a Happy Relationship

relationship advice gay men couples

relationship advice gay men couples

It Takes Work For Gay Men To Be In A Successful Relationship

I once asked a gay couple that had been together for 25 years what their secret was. They said, “Separate bathrooms, separate closets, and a shared kitchen.” I tend to agree for the most part, but in today’s generation dating means so much more than practical things. It’s about respect, affirmation, and an ability to be free while committed.

Habits train our brains to think differently about our partners. During the early stages of a relationship, we often do them naturally. The real test is seeing how they’ve held up after two, five, ten years. Here are a few important ones you should try to hold on to:

#1) Going to bed at the same time. The bedroom is a symbol of your sexual chemistry (at least it should be). In the beginning stages of the relationship you probably couldn’t wait to go to bed at the same time to have a little hanky lanky; now, it’s become just another place to sleep. Happy couples have known that their time together in bed should be appreciated.