10 Reasons Why Gay Men Don’t Believe In Love Anymore


the reason why gay men don't believe in love anymore

Let me start off by saying I’m a huge believer in love, but sadly there are countless of gay men who are losing their optimism. With so many unhealthy voices, it’s becoming the “cool” thing to diss love. This is where I put my foot down.

Most of the excuses we use one way or another has to do with personal experiences. But there comes a time where we need to separate our experiences from reality. Not everything is as it seems in our heads. The reasons why we’re falling out of love with love has seldom to do with truth and all to do with self-convincing. Here are just a few:

Cynicism is Becoming Part of the Gay Culture

It seems like each year, gay men are becoming less supportive of not only their own efforts, but the world’s as a whole. Nothing is ever good enough. No matter how many dates we go on, something always has to be wrong with either the guy, the restaurant, the food, the place, etc. Deep down, we’re always looking for an excuse to prove ourselves by showing how “better” we are or how much we know the answers to life’s biggest problems. It’s become easy for us to judge rather than to accept which makes us depend on unrealistic standards. The sad result is to view affection as inconsistent and a waste of time. A standard cynical mindset.

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