9 Tips To Becoming A Better Bottom


how to be a better bottom

Gay Men Who Are Bottoms, It’s Time to Use Your Skills

Personally, I love the view from below. Don’t get me wrong, I also like to change things up every now and again, which is articulated through my previous article How to Be a Better Top, From a Bottom’s Perspective, which was shared on multiple sites, including the Huffington Post. Today, however, is a slightly different message.

I’m talking to the pesky bottoms that think all they need to do is lay on their back and allow themselves to be blowup dolls. Just because you’re enjoying the view doesn’t mean you shouldn’t put in a little effort. Trust me honey, you have more power than you think. Without the bottom, there would be no penetration. A bottom can take care of himself anytime he wants to by simply finding another man or sex toy; but the top, he needs a bottom to be satisfied. In other words, we can do what we do with or without him. So if you think about it, we, unsurprisingly, are the fuel that drives their appetite. We can do anything the f**k we want, so why not make it a more interesting experience?

There’s more to bottoming than meets the eye, especially if you’re trying to become a power bottom. But before you start applying for your P.B. card, you have to know that a power bottom isn’t a regular bottom who likes to have sex – they’re insatiable bottoms who love getting f**ked so much that there are basically no limitations whenever they’re in a moment. No pain, no second-guessing, they live for the thrust, the power, and the ultimate adrenaline that comes with being penetrated. That’s not something all bottoms necessarily strive to be, but by God, everyone should strive to make their sexual experiences better.

You don’t have to love getting f**ked to be a good bottom. Most gay guys are under the assumption that you have to be a power bottom in order for the top to truly have a good time. Yes, it’s true that power bottoms are kind of a God-send to horny tops, but that has nothing to do with the experience – only the person’s limitations. You can have virtually no limitations with bottoming and still be boring in the sack. The love of penetration says nothing for the experience, which is why every bottom needs a little freshening up. Here are a few tips:

Be Prepared

Before we go any further, we all need to get comfortable with the idea of douching and showering. It never ceases to amaze me how many gay guys still undermine who important they both are. So, for the millionth time, please take a look at the article “Do’s and Don’ts of Bottoming” to familiarize yourself.
Douching ain’t exactly a kitchen table conversation. Who the hell wants to talk about cleaning over lasagna and garlic bread? But, it’s super duper important that everyone gets a thorough (and private) education to familiarize themselves with the bottom boy’s bathroom secrets. It’s more than just about being clean, it’s about feeling clean and entering it with one less worry in the back of your mind. When the idea of “accidents” are out of the question, you can then shift your focus on having a good time – that’s freedom.