8 Things To Know Before Dating a Bisexual Man


gay men dating a bisexual man

Thinking about dating a bisexual man?

Contrary to popular belief, bisexuals are not going through a phase nor are they a minority. There are countless of bisexuals who feel misrepresented by not only the world, but their community as well. When push comes to shove, a bisexual man (even if he’s dating a woman) will always be bisexual so long as he identifies as such. For gay guys, this can be seen as either a deal breaker or a well-worthy challenge.

Dating a bisexual is awesome. The only things that might convince you otherwise are common misconceptions society often throws in our face. Never let the opinions of others affect your feelings with a man, especially when you are starting to fall in love with him. A healthy relationship has its obstacles, but many of them have to do with our own prejudgments. Here are some things all gay people should do when dating a bisexual:

#1) Respect His Identity. It’s important for a man’s partner to acknowledge their sexual identity, not ignore it or be threatened by it. Bisexuals aren’t in “transition.” Because many gay guys use the label as an easy route in accepting their own identity, authentic bisexual people are unfortunately left with the repercussions. The last thing any person wants is to be left at the mercy of their boyfriend’s pre misconceptions.

Everyone defines their identity in different ways. It’s not as simple as “I like boys and girls.” It’s more complicated than that because it varies from person to person. When you enter a relationship with a bisexual, throw all your preconceived notions out the window and be as open as you can to accepting him for HIM, not what society says about his orientation.