8 Sh*ty Things Straight Dudes Say To Gay Guys


straight guys say to gay guys

I love straight guys, but not when they turn into insensitive assholes. There comes a time when a person’s behavior becomes distasteful. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not the kind of guy that takes things personally, but a lot straight guys out there are oblivious to the things they say.

I understand you’re trying to be funny and that’s very noble, but I’m not always going to lay there and take it like a punching bag. Don’t treat me like a tool to get a laugh or some accessory you can dolly around to raise your self-confidence. I’m never going to be your bestie until you think before you speak. So start by not saying any of these ever again:

  • #1) “That’s pretty gay, my friend.” 

I get you have a fun time making it clear that I’m gay and you’re straight but that doesn’t mean you need to make it the baseline of our relationship. Stop looking at what I buy at H&M and calling it gay. Stop looking through my iPod, chuckling, and call it gay. Stop listening to my conversations with my friends and laughing because it’s “super gay.” I get it. I’m hysterical, but it’s not because I’m gay. It’s because I’m just funnier than you. Your comments might have been funny the first 20 times you said it, but now you just look stupid. Move on.