10 Red Flags Your Relationship Won’t Last


signs your relationship is falling apart

Most of us sensed something wasn’t right early on in every past relationship we’ve had, but despite our feelings we stuck it out, assuming it was a passive thought. Fast forward 6 months later, we’re trapped in a relationship we have no idea how to get out of. This is not okay.

There are so many red flags we can spot if we just open our eyes. More often than not we’re fixated on trying to find love we ignore important signs that are detrimental to our well being. Here are a few every person in a new relationship ought to be aware of:

#1) He Never Says “I’m Sorry” or “Thank You” 

It’s more than just about manners and gentlemanly behavior. It’s about consideration of your feelings. You can tell a lot about a man’s character by the way he acknowledges your efforts. Common phrases like these can tell you how sensitive he is, how much compassion he has and how committed he is to your well-being.