30 Things I’ve Learned About Gay Relationships While Being Single


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I love being single and not dealing with the hassle of a gay relationship. Too often gay guys fall into a pit of depression and blame themselves for their singleness when the truth is, there is so much potential in it! The longer we appreciate this time, the better we’ll be in the long run when love comes knocking on our door. Here are a few things I’ve learned along the way:

#1) You’re not alone. Single people account for more of the population than ever before. It’s quite easy to feel like we’re the odd duck when it comes to being single since we see most of the world is holding hands with each other. But open your eyes. There’s are plenty more single guys out there than you think.

#2) First impressions are rarely what they appear to be. Human beings are prone to change their mannerisms, points of view, vocal inflections, even appearance to seem better than they actually are. We all do it. It’s a rule of life. Don’t assume a person is what he says he is in the first two hours.

#3) When a guy really likes you, you’ll know it. The truth is when a person has feelings, he wants to live inside your head. He wants to call you, text you, read your Facebook profile and skim through your pictures. If he’s not making any effort AT ALL to stay in contact, it’s a pretty safe bet where his feelings lie.

#4) Sleeping with him on the first date sends a wrong message. I know, I know. Telling a gay guy not to sleep with a man on their first encounter is a long shot. But trust me, not sleeping with him on the first date (and even the second) prolongs a mental form of foreplay that enhances the mystery and imagination, leading to more interest.

#5) Gay Relationships will not solve all your problems. It’s funny how amidst our worries of paying rent, paying our debt, fixing our career paths, planning our retirement, and making the people around us know we love them we focus only on finding a relationship as if it were the end all, be all to other responsibilities. It’s not.