How To Be A Better Top, From A Bottom’s Perspective


How to be a better top

As a power bottom, it never ceases to amaze me how many tops fail to please. When you aim to make us happy, we’ll return the favor times a million. Two men trying to please each other equally are in for a whole lot of pleasure and before you know it, the sweat is dripping down our faces and we’re up to round three of an already long night.

You might think you’re awesome at sex, but most of you tops are in desperate need of some tips. Bottoms don’t want to be treated like blow up dolls, at least for the most part. We have bodies too which means we feel pain. Just because we like to get penetrated does not mean we want to be turned inside out. But don’t worry. I’m here to let you know what most bottoms fail to tell you because unlike the others, I’ve taken mental notes honey. I ain’t afraid to use them. Here are a few things I’ve picked up. They’re simple, yet make all the difference:

Make Sure He Gets Off

Don’t be a blow and go type of guy. The bottom is the one getting penetrated which already gives him more points than you, so the least you can do is get him off. Don’t roll over and go to bed even if he proclaims that it’s “okay” or he’s “fine and just enjoys pleasing you.” Trust me, he’s lying. We all want to get off. Don’t be an a**hole.