10 Ways To F**K Up Your Relationship


10 ways screw up gay relationship

So many of us are in denial of how weak our relationship is. Though it might seem like it’s strong and can overcome anything, there are a lot of things we fail to see. Even if the sex is amazing and the finances are secure, none of it really matters because the necessary things to have in a relationship are often invisible.

The love you have for each other feels like it can last forever, but every relationship takes work. Nothing comes easy. Often times what we think is helping might actually be f**king it up. Stop living in denial and open your eyes to the truth. Here are few no no’s you might be guilty of:

#1) Failing to acknowledge his efforts is one of the most dangerous things you can do because it proves you’re only in it for yourself. No man wants to feel like his boyfriend is inconsiderate of his feelings. When someone is trying their best to find middle ground, the least you can do is appreciate it. “Thank you,” “Please” and “I love you” are magic words.