10 Signs You’re Falling In Love With Your Roommate


#6) You Want To Know When He’s Coming Home

Sometimes you’ll find yourself sending texts, saying “When will you be home?” or “Are you on your way?” or sneaky answers to see if he’ll be home shortly, like “How was work?” or “Stopping to get food. Want any?” These kinds of messages are common among roommates, but perhaps it’s time to recheck your inbox. How many texts are you sending a week? 4? 5? Maybe it’s because you’re starting to build a tighter bond.

#7) You’ve Snuck A Peek While He’s Changing

Trust me. Unless you are actually interested in seeing what the goods look like, there will be no temptation to sneak a peek. Gay guys seem to be be interested in what their roommate looks like naked even if they aren’t attracted to them. We like to compare them to us. However, observing him like a specimen and looking at him out of lust are totally different. Figure out which is which and you’ll have a much clearer idea of where your feelings lie.

#8) You’re A Package Deal, & You Love It 

The apartment isn’t just yours, it’s YOURS – meaning, both of you. In fact, hardly ever are you mentioned in the same sentence without his name following close behind. But the thing is, you secretly like it. Hearing your names spoken like a couple, ironically, gives you comfort. The restaurant down the block knows you by heart, the delivery guy always asks “Where’s your friend?” when one of you is absent, and the neighbors turn awkward when the other isn’t around. It’s two for one, and you love it.

#9) You’ve Slept In His Bed

It could have been easy to say “I’m going to bed. Good night” and march across the hall to your room, but you find him so comforting even the twelve-step walk takes more effort than it used to. Your all night talks have turned into an excuse to keep each others company for as long as you can, even when you’re unconsciously dosing off. But neither of you seem to mind so it’s fine, right?

#10) There Are No Secrets Anymore

Let’s face it. Gay guys can be hard to open to. We’re always worried of judgment, especially from our fellow guys which is why it’s easier for a lot of us to open up to women or straight men. But for some reason, you know he’ll never judge you. Secrets are shared, intimate thoughts are mentioned and long-lasting memories are exchanged. You’ve become an open book, making yourself vulnerable and susceptible to being taken advantage of, but you’re not afraid. You know you’re safe so long as he’s there with you. Perhaps it’s time to tell him how you feel.


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