10 Signs You’re Falling In Love With Your Roommate


signs youre falling love roommate

It’s common knowledge that gay guys make the best roommates. We’re loyal, clean (most of the time) and can meet you anywhere on your emotional arc at any given moment. But putting two gay guys together in the same apartment has the possibility of turning into something more if we’re not careful. The same can be said with a gay/straight pairing.

You can’t control your feelings. When love happens it’s always unexpected. Sometimes it appears in the room directly across the hall. Good roommates aren’t just splitting the costs of rent and bills. They’re here to support us in our emotional roller coaster lives. Sometimes these feelings can turn into a bond too hard to break. Falling in love is always risky when it’s with the person who already knows your intimate flaws. Here are a few things you’re bound to notice:

#1) You Miss Him When He’s Out Of Town

Those days when he goes to visit family or does a long business trip and you’re left to watch Real Housewives, alone. It’s normal to feel a sense of calmness when you have the place to yourself but if turns into an ironic feeling of homesickness, it might mean he’s beginning to grow on you.

#2) There Are Times You Want To Caress Him, But Don’t

You’re laughing hysterically on the couch about God knows what, the TV playing softly in the background, and for a split second you consider touching his leg – not to show him brotherly love, but because you want to express an unconscious connection you have. His warm skin seems seems to be the only thing on your mind and the struggle to suppress the urge only magnifies it. There’s definitely something there.

#3) Your Friends Begin To Merge

As time goes by, your networks begin to merge. His friends end up exchanging numbers with you while your friends exchange numbers with him. Eventually you’ll be going out together, joining each other’s Christmas parties and having movie nights. This is an interesting sign. Usually when we’re adamant about maintaining a roommate-only relationship, it’s rare to be comfortable bringing over your friends for him to meet and greet with. Merging your two worlds together proves you’ve knocked down a wall and are open to embrace his entire world, not just his space.

#4) You Try To Look Attractive In Front Of Him 

Everyone wants their appearance to be a step higher than it normally is when we have friends over but finding ourselves constantly putting on deodorant, fixing our hair to get the perfect out of bed look and making sure our breath is always fresh for our roommate could mean something a little deeper. We want to make sure he never has an excuse to think we’re gross or unkept. Why? Perhaps it’s because we’re subliminally trying to attract him.

#5) You’re Protective Of The Relationship 

You’re rarely jealous of his friends or potential lovers, but you are protective of the relationship you have and long to preserve it. When any person threatens the connection, you’re quick to whip out the scissors to try and cut ties between him and the idiot who dares to keep you two a part.