Why Funny Guys Are Better At Sex


funny guys sex

I’ll be first to admit that I’m not the most secure person when it comes to my looks. Usually the men I fall for end up getting distracted by the “hotter” man across the room. Though this would bother most people, for me, it doesn’t faze me in the slightest because I know I have something that most attractive men don’t: a funny bone.

Funny people are always going to be invited to parties, they’ll always boost the morale in a group, and 99.9% of the time, they’ll even be better at sex. As much as we want to bang a hottie patottie, research shows that they are often less outgoing, less friendly and more self-obsessed, all of which lead to a pretty boring time in the sack. As much as the findings are a little unfair, I can’t help but think it has some solid points.

Some of the most boring sex I’ve ever had in my life has been with “hot” men. More often than not it’s all about himself, and he expects me to do the handy work as if to say, “You’re lucky to have me, now pleasure me like a King.”

When you’re young and single, knowing you have one of the hottest guys you’ve ever seen naked in your bed is thrilling. But when the sex is awful, the reality that we just banged a supermodel can trick us into thinking the sex was better than it actually was.

In my experience, a funny guy will always know how to please his man. Ashton Kutcher told People Magazine, “Inherently, I find that having sex and intimacy, when it’s great, it’s funny.” I can’t help but agree.

Too many gay guys nowadays are trying to have sex like porn stars. Mimicking their moves, trying to moan and groan like they do, even having similar orgasms. I’ve found that with funny people, there’s less anxiety. Meaning, I can be authentically myself with no insecurities about my body or how I sound like. In the end, together we’ll find some way to make fun of ourselves. Laughter tightens our level of intimacy and usually leads to a better connection under the sheets.

Gorgeous people have a tendency to judge other people’s bodies. It’s clear if ever you’ve opened a hookup app or walked down a gay neighborhood on a Saturday night. When a man spends two hours a day at the gym, a lot of the time it’s as if he expects others to do the same. Of course not all hot people are like this, but let’s face it. The majority of them are.

When someone makes me laugh, not only does it help me put my guard down, it also builds trust. Trust that ultimately leads to sexual attraction. Though I do love to stare at some eye candy from time to time, the person who will truly make me squirm will be less Abercrombie, and more Comedy Central.