5 Sex Tips All Bottoms Should Know


gay sex secrets

Nothing puts a smile on a man’s face like rolling on his back and pointing his heels to the Gods of Sex, but in the beginning it’s not always so easy. As a self-proclaimed Power Bottom, I’m the first to tell you it took a while to form it into a habit. Once I did though, every experience was a home run.

It’s always the same story. You’ve tried it a few times and each time was worse than the previous. Ultimately you’ve come to the conclusion that it’s not your thing, and you know what? I don’t blame you. It’s in our nature to reject something that didn’t appeal to us in the beginning, but we often give things up prematurely. Perhaps it’s time to revisit the whole “bottoming” thing. Here are a few secrets most of you might need to refer to:

#1) Vulnerability Requires Confidence
In order to release power you have to have some in the first place, right? Bottoming requires a sense of vulnerability. To have a man enter your body in a pleasurable way, you have to surrender it. For us power bottoms, however, we tend to have much more fun in this area since our power is rooted with submissiveness.
Unfortunately for a lot of beginners, they lack the confidence needed to surrender their bodies. They hold on tightly to their dominant behavior and aren’t able to release it during the session. Believe it or not, it takes balls, but most of that strength comes from feeling confident enough to know that it’s only sex and not a depletion of one’s “manhood.” Knowing thyself opens up more opportunities for pleasure. Stability in your walking life gives you the fuel you need to feel vulnerable in and out of the bedroom.