10 Signs You’re Falling In Love With Your Friend


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Every now and then there comes a person in our lives we have an instant connection with. Over time the line between friendship and romantic love gets a little blurry. You do everything together. You exist on the same plane. He’s the yin to your yang, but damn it, how do you know if it’s innocent or if it’s something worth investigating?

No one wants to make a drastic step too soon, especially with someone you really want in your life. What if things get awkward? What if things take a turn for the worst? Well listen here. Love doesn’t have a rule book. The first thing is to take a step back and investigate how you really feel about him. Here are a few things to think about:

  • #1) Are You Jealous When Guys Hit On Him?

Let’s say you’re out in a gay bar and some stud muffin starts giving him sex eyes. Chances are you’ll have an emotional reaction either good or bad. “Ugh, why can’t anyone do that to me?” or “Damn it, I want him all to myself” or “Oh great. Here we go again.” In essence, you need to figure out if this is sheer annoyance, or old fashioned jealousy. If you find yourself territorial of him, you should start asking yourself why. Perhaps your heart is slowly becoming invested.

  • #2) Do You Try To Look Hot For Him?

There’s a difference between looking hot for the world, and looking hot for one person in particular. You can always tell if ever you’re fixing yourself in the mirror imagining his face seeing your handy work. As gay guys we mostly like to dress up for each other anyway, but there’s an unconscious thing that happens when we’re trying to impress one person – we tend to embrace their tastes. If he’s into 1940s-inspired looks, do you find yourself trying to wear something in that era to get his attention?

  • #3) Are You Happy Or Proud Of Him?

We all love to be happy for our friends. It’s what separates us from the rest of the people in his world. It can always be a confusing thing to read. Whenever something great happens to him, being proud shows investment. It shows more than just a support system. This can be one of the major signs that perhaps your connection goes beyond friendship.

  • #4) Are You Overprotective?

Do you find yourself worrying about his well-being? Let’s say someone gives him a hard time over a new haircut. Is your first reaction to defend him (even though it might be atrocious)? Typically, friends like to tease each other because they know it’s all in good fun. But when there are feelings, it becomes a new phase of protectiveness. You don’t want him to think you’re making fun of him so you instinctively try to always have his back. There’s a difference between “looking out” for your friend and “stepping up” for someone you care about. It’s as thin as a leaf, but it’s there.

  • #5) Are You Comfortable Or Nervous Around Him?

The key reason why we would be nervous is because we’re afraid of being rejected by a person (or entity) we want so badly to accept us. There’s no reason to feel nervous around friends unless we’re trying desperately to receive adoration. If ever nerves suddenly spring upon you, perhaps you’re subconsciously feeling the need to try and impress without realizing it. This should always spark a question: have things changed between us?

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